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 [Guide] How to Enlist in the Octavian Legion

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[Guide] How to Enlist in the Octavian Legion Empty
PostSubject: [Guide] How to Enlist in the Octavian Legion   [Guide] How to Enlist in the Octavian Legion Icon_minitimeTue Jul 31, 2007 5:47 am

It's very simple.
Click the button above that says [Guide] How to Enlist in the Octavian Legion Icon_mini_message_en if you haven't done so already and follow the instructions in the private message you received.

Quote :
Greetings and welcome.

If you are looking to be recruited into the Octavian Legion, please post a new topic here
For this topic, the subject should be "[Enlistment] (character name)".
This new thread is to include:
Quote :
1. your name and in-game name
2. your county and town
3. whether or not you're a merchant/frequent traveller
4. your level (lvl)
5. who recruited you
Once you've done this, an officer will respond to this topic to give you further instructions.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us.

Both people wanting to join and just wanting to ally themselves should use this information. Just remember to mention you just want to ally yourself with the Octavian Legion if you don't want to become a Legionnaire yourself.
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[Guide] How to Enlist in the Octavian Legion
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